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Welcome to the Digital Repository at Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar!

This Digital Repository is an Institutional Repository of IIT Gandhinagar which is responsible for collecting, organizing, preserving and providing access to, and promoting dissemination of the intellectual (scholarly) output of IIT Gandhinagar faculty, students, staff and others associated with the Institute. This Digital Repository serves as a platform to faculty, researchers, students and staff members of the Institute to share their research work with wider community.

Digital Repository accepts documents viz., journal articles, conference papers, book chapters, working /technical papers, reports, theses and dissertations, presentations and any other resources submitted as part of academic requirement at the Institute and other forms of scholarly documents. Wherever possible and available, we will make an effort to provide access to the full- text of the documents covered in the digital repository, without violating copyrights/rights of the author or publisher, as relevant to each work.

Please feel free to write to us, if you want to know more about this service or have any questions with regard to depositing your documents or accessing deposited documents.

Email: digitalrepository@iitgn.ac.in

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  • Kurian, Manu; Mitra, Sukanya; Ghosh, Snigdha; Chandra, Vinod (Springer, 2019-02)
    In this article, shear viscosity, bulk viscosity, and thermal conductivity of a QCD medium have been studied in the presence of a strong magnetic field. To model the quark�gluon plasma, an extended quasi-particle description ...
  • Lambiase, Gaetano; Mohanty, Subhendra; Narang, Ashish; Parashari, Priyank (Springer, 2019-02)
    It has been pointed out that there exists a tension in�?8??m?8??m�measurement between CMB and LSS observation. In this paper we show that�?8??m?8??m�observations can be used to test the dark energy theories. We study two ...
  • Sengupta, Anand (APS (American Physical Society), 2019-02)
    We analyze the impact of a proposed tidal instability coupling�p�modes and�g�modes within neutron stars on GW170817. This nonresonant instability transfers energy from the orbit of the binary to internal modes of the stars, ...
  • Tripathi, Richa; Reza, Amit; Garg, Dinesh (Cornell University Library, 2019-02)
    The application of machine learning (ML) techniques spans a vast spectrum of applications ranging from speech, face and character recognition to medical diagnosis to anomaly detection in data and the general classification, ...
  • Bhadury, Samapan; Kurian, Manu; Chandra, Vinod; Jaiswal, Amaresh (Cornell University Library, 2019-02)
    The probability densities of work that can be exerted on a quantum system initially staying in thermal equilibrium are constrained by the fluctuation relations of Jarzynski and Crooks, when the work is determined by two ...

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