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  • Reddy, Srinivas (Mind and Life research institute, 2016-11-10)
    Indian classical music is rooted in the ancient philosophy of nada-yoga, or union through sound. Both theoreticians and practitioners appreciated the immediate appeal of music and song, but they also understood sound, ...
  • Allender, Eric; Das, Bireswar (2014-08-25)
  • Allender, Eric; Das, Bireswar (Elsevier, 2017-10)
    We show that every problem in the complexity class (Statistical Zero Knowledge) is efficiently reducible to the Minimum Circuit Size Problem (). In particular Graph Isomorphism lies in . This is the first theorem ...
  • Raman, Shanmuganathan; Pachori, Shubham (Cornell University Library, 2016-10)
    This paper provides a framework to hash images containing instances of unknown object classes. In many object recognition problems, we might have access to huge amount of data. It may so happen that even this huge data ...
  • Dixit, Atul; Kumar, Rahul; Maji, Bibekananda; Zaharescu, Alexandru (Cornell University Library, 2017-12)
  • Kanvah, Sriram; Katla, Jagadish Kumar; Bhat, Haamid R.; Jha, Prakash C.; Ghalsasi, Prasanna S. (Wiley, 2017-02)
    α-cyanostyrenes bearing a pyrene scaffold are synthesized and characterized using spectroscopic techniques. The pyrenyl styrenes are weakly emissive in solution state but show enhanced emission in water due to the formation ...
  • Palakollu, Veerabhadraiah; Kanvah, Sriram (Royal Society of Chemistry, 2014-08)
    A series of α-cyanostilbenes substituted with dimethylaniline, diphenylaniline and carbazole was synthesized and their optical spectroscopic properties in homogeneous solvents, the dioxane–water binary mixture and the solid ...
  • Gupta, M.; Bhagwat, Ameeya A.; Gambhir, Y. K. (2009)
  • Ghosh, Snigdha; Sarkar, Sourav; Mitra, Sukanya (American Physical Society, 2017-03)
    The self-energy of the Δ baryon is evaluated at a finite temperature and density using the real-time formalism of thermal field theory. The Dyson-Schwinger equation is used to get the exact thermal propagator followed ...
  • Untitled 
    Joshi, Nikhil; Mathur, Nilkumar; Mane, Tejas; Sundaram, Dilip (Elsevier, 2018-04)
    Molecular dynamics (MD) simulations and thermodynamic analysis are conducted to investigate size effect on melting point of alumina nanocrystals. Different geometries including spherical and cubic particles, planar thin ...

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