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  • Vasu, Anuji K.; Kanvah, Sriram (Elsevier, 2017-07)
    A water soluble N-methylpyridinium dye (DABP) was synthesized and investigated as a fluorescence probe for the detection of anionic surfactants. DABP shows strong solvatochromism with emission at 685 nm in water. The ...
  • Sundaram, Dilip; Yang, Vigor; Yetter, Richard A. (Elsevier, 2017-07)
    Metal particles are attractive candidate fuels for various propulsion and energy-conversion applications, primarily due to their high energy densities. Micron-sized particles present several drawbacks, such as high ignition ...
  • Dixit, Atul; Glasser, M. Lawrence; Moll, Victor H.; Vignat, Christophe (SpringerOpen, 2017-07)
    In 1998 Don Zagier introduced the modified Bernoulli numbers B∗nBn∗ and showed that they satisfy amusing variants of some properties of Bernoulli numbers. In particular, he studied the asymptotic behavior of B∗2nB2n∗, and ...

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