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  • Rout, Sandeep K.; Vadawale, Santosh V.; Aarthy, E.; Ganesh, Shashikiran; Joshi, Vishal; Roy, Jayashree; Misra, Ranjeev; Yadav, J. S. (Springer, 2021-10)
    The origins of X-ray and radio emissions during an X-ray binary outburst are comparatively better understood than those of ultraviolet, optical and infrared radiation. This is because multiple competing mechanisms - emission ...
  • Kumar, Vipin; Srivastava, Mudit K.; Banerjee, Dipankar P. K.; Woodward, C. E.; Munari, Ulisse; Evans, Aneurin; Joshi, Vishal; Dallaporta, Sergio; Page, Kim L. (Royal Astronomical Society, 2022-03)
    We present multi-epoch optical and near-infrared observations of the highly reddened, Fe II class slow Nova V2891 Cygni. The observations span 15 months since its discovery. The initial rapid brightening from quiescence, ...
  • Kumar, Vipin; Srivastava, Mudit K; Banerjee, Dipankar P. K.; Joshi, Vishal (Oxford University Press, 2021-01)
    SU Lyn, a star that ostensibly appears to be an unremarkable late M type giant, has recently been proposed to be a symbiotic star largely based on its hard X-ray properties. The star does not display, in low-resolution ...

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