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  • Rodda, Gopala Krishna; Basu, Dhiman (Springer, 2018-08)
    The recorded translational motions represent characteristics of the seismic excitation at one single point. Most foundation systems have finite, but considerable dimension, and it may offer rigidity constraint over the ...
  • Rodda, Gopala Krishna; Basu, Dhiman (Springer, 2018-07)
    Spatial variability of the translational ground motion may influence the seismic design of certain civil engineering structures with spatially extended foundations. Lagged coherency is usually considered to be the best ...
  • Rodda, Gopala Krishna; Basu, Dhiman (Elsevier, 2020-03)
    Spatial variation of vertical ground motion may have influence on the response of long span lifeline structures like bridges, pipelines, etc. However, studies specific to the spatial variability of vertical component of ...

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