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  • Deb, Debabrata; Dayal, Pratyush; Kuksenok, Olga; Balazs, Anna C. (American Physical Society (APS), 2013-05)
    Species ranging from single-cell organisms to social insects can undergo auto-chemotaxis, where the entities move towards a chemo-attractant that they themselves emit. This mode of signaling allows the organisms to form ...
  • Palkar, Vaibhav; Srivastava, Gaurav; Kuksenok, Olga; Balazs, Anna C.; Dayal, Pratyush (American Physical Society, 2015-03-02)
    Use of chemo-mechanical transduction to produce locomotion is one of the significant characteristics of biological systems. Polymer gels, intrinsically powered by oscillatory Belousov-Zhabotinsky (BZ) reaction, are biomimetic ...

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