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  • Keshri, Priyanka Kumari; Rai, Nilesh; Verma, Ashish; Kamble, Swapnil C.; Barik, Suvakanta; Mishra, Pradeep; Singh, Santosh Kumar; Salvi, Prafull; Gautam, Vibhav (Springer, 2021-05)
    Endophytes are endosymbiotic fungi or bacteria that invade and colonize the plant tissue without harming their respective host. Since fungal endophytes live inside the host tissues, their effective isolation and identification ...
  • Rai, Nilesh; Kumari Keshri, Priyanka; Verma, Ashish; Kamble, Swapnil C.; Mishra, Pradeep; Barik, Suvakanta; Kumar Singh, Santosh; Gautam, Vibhav (Taylor & Francis Open Access, 2021-01)
    Endophytes are a potent source of bioactive compounds that mimic plant-based metabolites. The relationship of host plant and endophyte is significantly associated with alteration in fungal colonisation and the extraction ...

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