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  • Hussain, Javeena; Kirubakaran, Sivapriya; Ravi, Srimadhavi (Bentham Science Publishers, 2020-09)
    KRAS mutations are known to be the most recurrent gain-of-function changes instigated in patients with cancer. The RAS gene family is often mutated in most of the human cancers and the pursuit of inhibitors that bind to ...
  • Singh, Manu Smriti; Juvale, Kapil; Wiese, Michael; Lamprecht, Alf (Science Direct, 2015-09)
    Overcoming multidrug resistance (MDR) in cancer is a major challenge and efforts are on-going to develop inhibitors against the most characterized and ubiquitous MDR transporters: P-glycoprotein (P-gp), multidrug ...
  • Mallick, Abhik; Nandi, Aditi; Basu, Sudipta (American Chemical Society, 2018-12)
    Mitochondrion, the powerhouse of the cells, controls bioenergetics, biosynthesis, metabolism, and signaling. Consequently, it has become an unorthodox target for cancer therapeutics. However, specific targeting of mitochondria ...
  • Ravi, Srimadhavi; Barui, Sugata; Kirubakaran, Sivapriya; Duhan, Parul; Bhowmik, Kaushik (Bentham Science Publishers, 2020-07)
    Background: The importance of inhibiting the kinases of the DDR pathway for radiosensitizing cancer cells is well established. Cancer cells exploit these kinases for their survival which leads to the development of resistance ...

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