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  • Vinayak, Ghaisas Kunal (Indian Institute of Technology, Ganadhinagar, 2015)
    The confined masonry construction has become increasingly popular in earthquake prone areas due to its satisfactory performance in withstanding the past seismic events and low construction cost. Computation and design ...
  • Rangwani, Kiran Prakash (Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar, 2016)
    Masonry is a widely acceptable traditional construction material due to simple construction practice, durability and economic advantages. However, vulnerability of masonry has been exposed in many seismic events due to its ...
  • Rangwani, Kiran; Brzev, Svetlana (Trans Tech Publications, 2016-07-29)
    Confined Masonry (CM) structural system consists of masonry walls enclosed by reinforced concrete (RC) confining elements (tie-columns and tie-beams) and is usually supported by reinforced concrete floors and roof. This ...

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