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  • Mishra, Vimal; Ganguly, Auroop Ratan; Nijssen, Bart; Lettenmaier, Dennis P. (IOP Science, 2015-01)
    Climate extremes have profound implications for urban infrastructure and human society, but studies of observed changes in climate extremes over the global urban areas are few, even though more than half of the global ...
  • Kumar, Devashish; Mishra, Vimal; Ganguly, Auroop Ratan (Springer, 2015-07)
    Wind extremes have consequences for renewable energy sectors, critical infrastructures, coastal ecosystems, and insurance industry. Considerable debates remain regarding the impacts of climate change on wind extremes. While ...
  • Mishra, Vimal; Kumar, Devashish; Ganguly, Auroop Ratan; Sanjay, J.; Mujumdar, Milind; Krishnan, R.; Shah, Reepal D. (Wiley, 2014-08)
    Extreme precipitation events over India have resulted in loss of human lives and damaged infrastructures, food crops, and lifelines. The inability of climate models to credibly project precipitation extremes in India has ...

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