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  • Bhimani, Janki; Yang, Zhengyu; Mi, Ningfang; Yang, Jingpei; Xu, Qiumin; Awasthi, Manu; Pandurangan, Rajinikanth; Balakrishnan, Vijay (IEEE xplore digital library, 2018-02)
    By using fast back-end storage, performance benefits of a lightweight container platform can be leveraged with quick I/O response. Nevertheless, the performance of simultaneously executing multiple instances of same or ...
  • Xu, Qiumin; Malladi, Krishna T.; Awasthi, Manu (2017-08-07)
    High performance SSDs have become ubiquitous in warehouse scale computing. Increased adoptions can be attributed to their high bandwidth, low latency and excellent random I/O performance. Owing to this high performance, ...

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