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  • Gupta, Manoj; Singh, Aditi (Cornell University Library, 2018-05)
    Given an undirected unweighted graph G and a source set S of |S|=? sources, we want to build a data structure which can process the following query {\sc Q}(s,t,e): find the shortest distance from s to t avoiding an edge ...
  • Jindal, Anant; Kochar, Gazal; Pal, Manjish (arXiv, Cornell University Library, 2011-07)
    In this paper we study the classic problem of computing a maximum cardinality matching in general graphs G=(V,E). The best known algorithm for this problem till date runs in O(mn√) time due to Micali and Vazirani \cite{MV80}. ...
  • Chierichetti, Flavio; Dasgupta, Anirban; Kumar, Ravi (Cornell University Library, 2020-10)
  • Misra, Neeldhara; Nayak, Debanuj (Cornell University Library, 2021-11)
    We study the computational complexity of finding fair allocations of indivisible goods in the setting where a social network on the agents is given. Notions of fairness in this context are "localized", that is, agents are ...

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