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  • Anand, Mrinal; Harilal, Nidhin; Kumar, Chandan; Raman, Shanmuganathan (Cornell University Library, 2021-10)
    High dynamic range (HDR) videos provide a more visually realistic experience than the standard low dynamic range (LDR) videos. Despite having significant progress in HDR imaging, it is still a challenging task to capture ...
  • Kayal, Pratik; Anand, Mrinal; Desai, Harsh; Singh, Mayank (Cornell University Library, 2021-05)
    Tables present important information concisely in many scientific documents. Visual features like mathematical symbols, equations, and spanning cells make structure and content extraction from tables embedded in research ...
  • Anand, Mrinal; Kayal, Pratik; Singh, Mayank (Cornell University Library, 2021-06)
    Automatic code synthesis from natural language descriptions is a challenging task. We witness massive progress in developing code generation systems for domain-specific languages (DSLs) employing sequence-to-sequence deep ...
  • Anand, Mrinal; Garg, Aditya (Cornell University Library, 2021-11)
    We witnessed a massive growth in the supervised learning paradigm in the past decade. Supervised learning requires a large amount of labeled data to reach state-of-the-art performance. However, labeling the samples requires ...

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