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  • Kayal, Pratik; Anand, Mrinal; Desai, Harsh; Singh, Mayank (Cornell University Library, 2021-05)
    Tables present important information concisely in many scientific documents. Visual features like mathematical symbols, equations, and spanning cells make structure and content extraction from tables embedded in research ...
  • Anand, Mrinal; Garg, Aditya (Cornell University Library, 2021-11)
    We witnessed a massive growth in the supervised learning paradigm in the past decade. Supervised learning requires a large amount of labeled data to reach state-of-the-art performance. However, labeling the samples requires ...
  • Garg, Dinesh; Kakkar, Vishal; Shevade, Shirish Krishnaj; Sundararajan, S. (Cornell University Library, 2016-12)
    AUC (Area under the ROC curve) is an important performance measure for applications where the data is highly imbalanced. Learning to maximize AUC performance is thus an important research problem. Using a max-margin based ...

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