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  • Sim, Chern-Horng; Rajmadhan, Ekambaram; Ranganath, Surendra (Springer Link, 2012-03)
    We propose a scheme to detect individuals in any image frame of a video sequence showing densely crowded scenes against cluttered backgrounds. The method uses only spatial information, and in an initial pass through the ...
  • Nguyena, Tan Dat; Ranganath, Surendra (Elsevier, 2012-05)
    This paper presents work towards recognizing facial expressions that are used in sign language communication. Facial features are tracked to effectively capture temporal visual cues on the signers' face during signing. ...
  • Kong, W. W.; Ranganath, Surendra (Elsevier, 2014-03)
    This paper presents a segment-based probabilistic approach to robustly recognize continuous sign language sentences. The recognition strategy is based on a two-layer conditional random field (CRF) model, where the lower ...

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