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  • Saha, Joydip; Senguptaa, Indranath; Tripathi, Gaurab (Elsevier, 2018-06)
    In this paper we compute Gr�bner bases for determinantal ideals of the form , where X and Y are both matrices whose entries are indeterminates over a field K. We use the Gr�bner basis structure to determine Betti numbers ...
  • Sengupta, Indranath; Roy, Achintya Kumar; Tripathi, Gaurab (Taylor & Francis, 2017-02)
    Let m = (m0, m1, m2, n) be an almost arithmetic sequence, i.e., a sequence of positive integers with gcd(m0, m1, m2, n) = 1, such that m0 < m1 < m2 form an arithmetic progression, n is arbitrary and they minimally generate ...
  • Saha, Joydip; Sengupta, Indranath; Tripathi, Gaurab (Hikari, 2017-11)
    In this paper we propose a model for computing a minimal free resolution for ideals of the form I1(XnYn), where Xn is an n n skew-symmetric matrix with indeterminate entries xij and Yn is a generic column matrix with ...
  • Mehta, Ranjana; Saha, Joydip; Sengupta, Indranath (Association for Computing Machinery, 2018-08)
    Bresinsky defined a class of monomial curves in A4 with the property that the minimal number of generators or the first Betti number of the defining ideal is unbounded above. We prove that the same behaviour of unboundedness ...

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