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  • Saha, Madhumita; Venkatesh, B. Prasanna; Agarwalla, Bijay Kumar (Cornell University Library, 2022-02)
    Quasi-periodic lattice systems offer diverse transport properties. In this work, we investigate the environment induced effects on transport properties for quasi-periodic systems, namely the one-dimensional Aubry-André-Harper ...
  • Saha, Madhumita; Agarwalla, Bijay Kumar; Venkatesh, B. Prasanna (Cornell University Library, 2020-09)
  • Saha, Madhumita; Agarwalla, Bijay Kumar; Venkatesh, B. Prasanna (American Physical Society, 2021-02)
    We develop a theoretical scheme to perform a readout of the properties of a quasiperiodic system by coupling it to one or two qubits. We show that the decoherence dynamics of a single qubit coupled via a pure dephasing ...
  • Purkayastha, Archak; Saha, Madhumita; Agarwalla, Bijay Kumar (American Physical Society, 2021-12)
    We show that a one-dimensional ordered fermionic lattice system with power-law-decaying hopping, when connected to two baths at its two ends with different chemical potentials at zero temperature, features two phases showing ...

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