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  • Chithrabhanu, P.; Aadhi, A.; Gangi Reddy, Salla; Prabhakar, Shashi; Singh, Ravindra P. (Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, 2014-12)
    We construct Poincar´e sphere for orbital angular momentum (OAM) states for coherent and partially coherent light beams using a non-separable state generated with modified Sagnac interferometer and a random scatterer.
  • Prabhakar, Shashi; Salla, Gangi Reddy; Aadhi, A.; Chithrabhanu, P.; Samanta, Goutam Kumar; Singh, Ravindra P. (The opticale society (OAS), 2014-12)
    Optical vortices, although being classical, have properties of two-mode entanglement present in quantum states. We have experimentally verified the violation of Bell's inequality using Wigner distribution function for such beams.
  • Vaity, Pravin; Chithrabhanu, P.; Salla, Gangi Reddy; Prabhakar, Shashi; Singh, Ravindra P. (The Optical Society, 2016-02)
    Vector vortex beams are classified into four types depending upon spatial variation in their polarization vector. We have generated all four of these types of vector vortex beams by using a modified polarization Sagnac ...
  • Lal, Nijil; Chithrabhanu, P.; Gangi Reddy, Salla; Anwar, Ali; Aadhi, A.; Singh, R. P. (Optical Society of America, 2016)
    We generate the non-separable state of polarization and orbital angular momentum using a laser beam. The generated state undergoes a cyclic polarization evolution which introduces a Pancharatnam geometric phase to the ...
  • Gangi Reddy, Salla; Chithrabhanu, P.; Prabhakar, Shashi; Aadhi, A.; Singh, Ravindra P. (Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, 2014-12)
    We experimentally demonstrate that the vorticity of light remains preserved even after scattering through a ground glass plate. It shows the robustness of optical vortices along with conservation of orbital angular ...
  • Lal, Nijil; Anwar, Ali; Chithrabhanu, P.; Reddy, Salla Gangi (Elsevier, 2017-01)
    Photon modes have an important role in characterizing the quantum sources of light. The two main pre-detection factors affecting the biphoton mode coupling in SPDC are the pump beam focusing parameter and the crystal ...

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