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  • Dasgupta, Arnab; Hati, Chandan; Patra, Sudhanwa; Sarkar, Utpal (Cornell University Library, 2016-05)
    We present a minimal framework of U(1)B−L gauge extension of the Standard Model explaining dark matter abundance and matter-antimatter asymmetry simultaneously through an attractive mechanism of TeV scale WIMPy leptogenesis, ...
  • Arya, Richa; Dasgupta, Arnab; Goswami, Gaurav; Prasad, Jayanti; Rangarajan, Raghavan (IOP Publishing, 2018-02)
    We revisit the constraints that Planck 2015 temperature, polarization and lensing data impose on the parameters of warm inflation. To this end, we study warm inflation driven by a single scalar field with a quartic self ...

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