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  • Parikh, Maulik; Sarkar, Sudipta (MDPI AG, Basel, Switzerland, 2016-03)
    We derive the gravitational equations of motion of general theories of gravity from thermodynamics applied to a local Rindler horizon through any point in spacetime. Specifically, for a given theory of gravity, we substitute ...
  • Parikh, Maulik; Sarkar, Sudipta; Svesko, Andrew (Cornell University Library, 2018-01)
    We find a local first law of thermodynamics, ΔE=TΔS−W, connecting gravitational entropy, S, with matter energy and work. For Einstein gravity S is the Bekenstein-Hawking entropy, while for more general theories of gravity ...
  • Parikh, Maulik; Sarkar, Sudipta; Svesko, Andrew (American Physical Society, 2020-05)

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