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  • Bhagwat, Ameeya A.; Vinas, X.; Wyss, R.; Schuck, P. (World Scientific Publishing, 2010-04)
    We propose to use the semi-classical Wigner-Kirkwood ħ expansion to calculate shell corrections for spherical and deformed nuclei. The expansion is carried out up to fourth order in ħ. A systematic study of Wigner-Kirkwood ...
  • Ghosh, Snigdha; Sarkar, Sourav; Mitra, Sukanya (American Physical Society, 2017-03)
    The self-energy of the Δ baryon is evaluated at a finite temperature and density using the real-time formalism of thermal field theory. The Dyson-Schwinger equation is used to get the exact thermal propagator followed ...
  • Mohanty, Subhendra; Anand, Sampurn; Chaubal, Prakrut; Mazumdar, Arindam; Parashari, Priyank (Springer, 2018-08)
    In the recent past, measurements of ?8 from large scale structure observations have shown some discordance with its value obtained from Planck CMB within the ? CDM frame. This discordance naturally leads to a mismatch ...

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