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  • Harish; Vijayan, S.; Mangold, N.; Bhardwaj, Anil (American Geophysical Union, 2020-07)
    We report new exposures of water?ice along the scarps wall located within craters in the northern mid?latitude region of Mars using high?resolution imagery and spectral data of Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. The exposed ...
  • Bhagwat, Ameeya A.; Vinas, X.; Wyss, R.; Schuck, P. (World Scientific Publishing, 2010-04)
    We propose to use the semi-classical Wigner-Kirkwood ħ expansion to calculate shell corrections for spherical and deformed nuclei. The expansion is carried out up to fourth order in ħ. A systematic study of Wigner-Kirkwood ...
  • Ghosh, Snigdha; Sarkar, Sourav; Mitra, Sukanya (American Physical Society, 2017-03)
    The self-energy of the Δ baryon is evaluated at a finite temperature and density using the real-time formalism of thermal field theory. The Dyson-Schwinger equation is used to get the exact thermal propagator followed ...
  • Mohanty, Subhendra; Anand, Sampurn; Chaubal, Prakrut; Mazumdar, Arindam; Parashari, Priyank (Springer, 2018-08)
    In the recent past, measurements of ?8 from large scale structure observations have shown some discordance with its value obtained from Planck CMB within the ? CDM frame. This discordance naturally leads to a mismatch ...

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