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  • Fairoos, C.; Ghosh, Avirup; Sarkar, Sudipta (American Physical Society, 2018-07)
    We study the entropy evolution of black holes in Lovelock gravity by formulating a thermodynamic generalization of the null Raychaudhuri equation. We show that the similarity between the expressions of entropy change of ...
  • Fairoos, C.; Ghosh, Avirup; Sarkar, Sudipta (World Scientific, 2018-10)
    The evolution of the black-hole horizon can be effectively captured by a fictitious membrane fluid living on the stretched horizon. We show that the dynamics of this boundary matter arises from the invariance of the bulk ...
  • Fairoos, C.; Ghosh, Avirup; Sarkar, Sudipta (American Physical Society, 2017-10)
    The formulation of the laws of Black hole mechanics assumes the stability of black holes under perturbations in accordance with the “cosmic censorship hypothesis” (CCH). CCH prohibits the formation of a naked singularity ...
  • Ghosh, Rajes; Fairoos, C.; Sarkar, Sudipta (American Physical Society, 2019-12)
    We examine the problem of overcharging extremal and near-extremal black hole solutions of Einstein-Gauss-Bonnet gravity in any dimension, generalizing the result in general relativity. We show that, as in the case of general ...

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