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  • Mohanty, Subhendra; Narang, Ashish; Sadhukhan, Soumya (OPI Science, 2019-03)
    The non-observation of neutrinos by the IceCube at the Glashow resonance energy of 6.3 PeV has been a long standing unresolved issue. In this paper we propose a t-channel neutrino absorption by the C?B, which causes a ...
  • Chauhan, Bhavesh; Kindra, Bharti; Narang, Ashish (American Physical Society, 2018-05)
    Leptoquarks have been suggested to solve a variety of discrepancies between the expected and observed phenomenon. In this paper, we show that the scalar doublet leptoquark with hypercharge 7/6 can simultaneously explain ...
  • Lambiase, Gaetano; Mohanty, Subhendra; Narang, Ashish; Parashari, Priyank (Springer, 2019-02)
    It has been pointed out that there exists a tension in σ8−Ωm measurement between CMB and LSS observation. In this paper we show that σ8−Ωm observations can be used to test the dark energy theories. We study two models, (1) ...

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