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  • Bhatt, Jitesh R.; Natwariya, Pravin Kumar; Nayak, Alekha C.; Pandey, Arun Kumar (Springer, 2020-04)
    We have shown that in presence of a cosmic magnetic field the bounds on baryon dark matter cross-section (?^), dark-matter mass (md) and values of the magnetic field (B0) can strongly influence each other. This requires ...
  • Natwariya, Pravin Kumar; Bhatt, Jitesh R. (Oxford University Press, 2020-09)
    We study the 21-cm differential brightness temperature in the presence of primordial helical magnetic fields for redshift z = 10�30. We argue that the ?-effect that sets in at earlier time can be helpful in lowering the ...
  • Pandey, Arun Kumar; Natwariya, Pravin Kumar; Bhatt, Jitesh R. (American Physical Society, 2020-01)
    In the present work, we have studied the spectrum of the primordial gravitational waves due to magnetic instability in the presence of neutrino asymmetry. The magnetic instability generates a helical magnetic field on a ...
  • Natwariya, Pravin Kumar; Bhatt, Jitesh R.; Pandey, Arun Kumar (Springer, 2020-08)
    The effective theory of large-scale structure formation based on CDM paradigm predicts finite dissipative effects in the resulting fluid equations. In this work, we study how viscous effect that could arise if one includes ...

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