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  • Raj, Harsh; Bhushan, Ravi; Banerji, Upasana S.; Muruganantham, M.; Shah, Chinmay; Nambiar, Romi; Dabhi, Ankur J. (Elsevier, 2022-02)
    Corals growing in shallow oceanic regions record the radiocarbon variations in ocean surface waters. Tracing bomb radiocarbon in various carbon reservoirs, can help understand the pathways and rates of carbon exchange ...
  • Raj, Harsh; Bhushan, Ravi; Muruganantham, M.; Nambiar, Romi; Dabhi, Ankur J. (Cambridge University Press, 2020-10)
  • Raj, Harsh; Bhushan, Ravi; Kumar, Sanjeev; Banerji, Upasana S.; Shah, Chinmay; Verma, Sangeeta (Elsevier, 2022-02)
    The Indian monsoon significantly influences the sea surface conditions in the northern Indian Ocean. Corals growing in shallow waters record such monsoon-induced surface water changes. The record of monsoon signatures in ...

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