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  • Mishra, Sarika; Biswas, Ayan; Patil, Satyajeet; Chandravanshi, Pooja; Mongia, Vardaan; Sharma, Tanya; Rani, Anju; Prabhakar, Shashi; Ramachandran, S.; Singh, Ravindra P. (IOP Publishing, 2022-07)
    Free-space quantum communication assumes importance as it is a precursor for satellite-based quantum communication needed for secure key distribution over longer distances. Prepare and measure quantum key distribution (QKD) ...
  • Vanitha, Patnala; Lal, Nijil; Rani, Anju; Das, Bikash Kumar; Salla, Gangi Reddy; Singh R. P. (IOP Publishing, 2021-09)
    We study correlations in the speckle patterns generated by the scattering of perfect optical vortex (POV) beams and use them to produce a new class of coherence functions, namely Bessel coherence functions. Higher (zeroth) ...

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