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  • Fairoos, C.; Ghosh, Avirup; Sarkar, Sudipta (American Physical Society, 2018-07)
    We study the entropy evolution of black holes in Lovelock gravity by formulating a thermodynamic generalization of the null Raychaudhuri equation. We show that the similarity between the expressions of entropy change of ...
  • Bhardwaj, Akanksha; Konar, Partha; Mandal, Tanumoy; Sadhukhan, Soumya (American Physical Society, 2019-09)
    We explore the challenging but phenomenologically interesting hierarchical mass spectrum of the inert doublet model where relatively light dark matter along with much heavier scalar states can fully satisfy the constraints ...
  • Singh, Balbeer; Bhatt, Jitesh R.; Mishra, Hiranmaya (American Physical Society, 2019-07)
    We study the effect of vorticity present in heavy ion collisions (HICs) on the temperature evolution of hot quark gluon plasma in the presence of spin-vorticity coupling. The initial global rotation entails a nontrivial ...

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