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  • Saxena, Himanshu; Sahoo, Deepika; Khan, Mohammad Atif; Kumar, Sanjeev; Sudheer, A. K.; Singh, Arvind (IOP Publishing, 2020-05)
    Biological dinitrogen (N2) fixation exerts an important control on oceanic primary production by providing bioavailable form of nitrogen (such as ammonium) to photosynthetic microorganisms. N2 fixation is dominant in ...
  • Khan, Mohammad Atif; Rahman, Abdur; Sahoo, Deepika; Saxena, Himanshu; Singh, Arvind; Kumar, Sanjeev (Elsevier, 2022-05)
    Although oceans contribute significantly to the global nitrous oxide (N2O) emissions, there are less than desired data related to N2O concentrations and fluxes in the global oceans and, in particular, the Indian Ocean. ...
  • Sahoo, Deepika; Saxena, Himanshu; Tripathi, Nidhi; Khan, Mohammad Atif; Rahman, Abdur; Kumar, Sanjeev; Sudheer, A. K.; Singh, Arvind (Inter Research, 2020-10)
    Nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P) determine the strength of the oceans biological carbon (C) pump, and variation in the N:P ratio is key to phytoplankton growth. A fixed C:N:P ratio (106:16:1) in organic matter and deep-water ...
  • Sahoo, Deepika; Saxena, Himanshu; Nazirahmed, Sipai; Kumar, Sanjeev; Sudheer, A. K.; Bhushan, Ravi; Sahay, Arvind; Singh, Arvind (Springer Nature, 2021-07)
    Recent observations and numerical simulations have profoundly established that the C:N:P ratios in the ocean deviate from the canonical Redfield Ratio (106:16:1). Physical and biogeochemical processes have been hypothesized ...

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