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  • Singh, Balbeer; Thakur, Lata; Mishra, Hiranmaya (American Physical Society, 2018-05)
    We study the effect of a strong constant magnetic field, generated in relativistic heavy ion collisions, on the heavy quark complex potential. We work in the strong magnetic field limit with the lowest Landau level ...
  • Singh, Balbeer; Abhishek, Aman; Das, Santosh K.; Mishra, Hiranmaya (American Physical Society, 2019-12)
    We calculate the transport coefficients, drag, and momentum diffusion of a heavy quark in a thermalized plasma of light quarks in the background of a Polyakov loop. The quark thermal mass and the gluon Debye mass are ...
  • Singh, Balbeer; Mishra, Hiranmaya (American Physical Society, 2020-03)
  • Singh, Balbeer; Mazumder, Surasree; Mishra, Hiranmaya (Springer Verlag, 2020-05)
    We study the effect of the magnetic field on the collisional energy loss of heavy quark (HQ) moving in a magnetized thermal partonic medium. This is investigated in the strong field approximation where the lowest Landau ...
  • Rindani, Saurabh D.; Singh, Balbeer (World Scientific Publishing, 2020-02)
    We examine the possibility of using single-Higgs production at an e+e? collider with polarized beams to measure, or constrain, indirectly a possible anomalous triple-Higgs coupling, which can contribute to the process via ...
  • Singh, Balbeer; Bhatt, Jitesh R.; Mishra, Hiranmaya (American Physical Society, 2019-07)
    We study the effect of vorticity present in heavy ion collisions (HICs) on the temperature evolution of hot quark gluon plasma in the presence of spin-vorticity coupling. The initial global rotation entails a nontrivial ...

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