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  • Ito, Kosuke; Talkner, Peter; Venkatesh, B. Prasanna; Watanabe, Gentaro (American Physical Society, 2019-03)
    The probability densities of work that can be exerted on a quantum system initially staying in thermal equilibrium are constrained by the fluctuation relations of Jarzynski and Crooks, when the work is determined by two ...
  • Watanabe, Gentaro; Venkatesh, B. Prasanna; Talkner, Peter; Hwang, Myung-Joong; Campo, Adolfo del (American Physical Society, 2020-05)
    We consider an ensemble of indistinguishable quantum machines and show that quantum statistical effects can give rise to a genuine quantum enhancement of the collective thermodynamic performance. When multiple indistinguishable ...

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