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  • Zhao, Xi; Dey, Krishna Kanti; Jeganathan, Selva; Butler, Peter J.; Córdova-Figueroa, Ubaldo M.; Sen, Ayusman (American chemical society, 2017-07)
    Colloidal suspensions containing microscopic swimmers have been the focus of recent studies aimed at understanding the principles of energy transfer in fluidic media at low Reynolds number conditions. Going down in scale, ...
  • Illien, Pierre; Zhao, Xi; Dey, Krishna Kanti; Butler, Peter J.; Sen, Ayusman; Golestanian, Ramin (American chemical society, 2017-06)
    Recent experiments have revealed that the diffusivity of exothermic and fast enzymes is enhanced when they are catalytically active, and different physical mechanisms have been explored and quantified to account for this ...

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