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  • Kaur, Navpreet; Baliyan, Kiran S. (EDP Sciences for European Southern Observatory, 2018-09)
    Blazars in outburst provide a unique opportunity to study their spectral behavior, correlated variations at different frequencies, and jet structure. An unprecedented flaring activity in FSRQ CTA 102, occuring from 2016 ...
  • Kaur, Navpreet; Baliyan, Kiran S.; Chandra, S.; Sameer; Ganesh, Shashikiran (American Astronomical Society, 2018-07)
    With an aim to explore optical variability at diverse timescales in BL Lac source S5 0716+714, it was observed for 46 nights during 2013 January 14 to 2015 June 01 when it underwent two major outbursts. The observations ...

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