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  • Ullah, Mohd Faheem; Das, Laya; Parmar, Sweta; Rengaswamy, Raghunathan; Srinivasan, Babji (ScienceDirect, 2019-01)
    Oscillation is a phenomenon very commonly observed in systems, ranging from simple ones to complex distributed network. Several techniques have been proposed in the literature for detecting oscillations to study their ...
  • Ullah, Mohd Faheem; Das, Laya; Parmar, Sweta; Srinivasan, Babji; Rengaswamy, R.; Sivadurgaprasad, C. (2018-10-28)
    Oscillations are common in a wide range of systems. Natural phenomena such as brain activity [1], earthquake [2], solar corona [3] and variations at the atmospheric boundary layer [4] are examples of fields where studying ...

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