Constraints on a seesaw model leading to quasi-degenerate neutrinos and signatures at the LHC

Show simple item record Bambhaniya, Gulab Khan, Subrata Konar, Partha Mondal, Tanmoy 2015-01-18T10:52:53Z 2015-01-18T10:52:53Z 2014-11
dc.identifier.citation Bambhaniya, Gulab; Goswami, Srubabati; Khan, Subrata; Konar, Partha and Mondal, Tanmoy, “Looking for hints of a reconstructible seesaw model at the Large Hadron Collider”, arXiv, Cornell University Library, DOI: arXiv:1410.5687, Oct. 2014. en_US
dc.description.abstract We consider a variant of TeV scale seesaw model in which three additional heavy right handed neutrinos are added to the standard model to generate the quasi-degenerate light neutrinos. This model is theoretically interesting since it can be fully rebuilt from the experimental data of neutrino oscillations except for an unknown factor in the Dirac Yukawa coupling. We study the constrains on this coupling coming from meta-stability of electro-weak vacuum. Even stronger bound comes from the lepton flavor violating decays on this model, especially in a heavy neutrino mass scenario which is within the collider reach. Bestowed with these constrained parameters, we explore the production and discovery potential coming from these heavy neutrinos at the 14 en_US
dc.description.statementofresponsibility by Tanmoy Mondal et al.
dc.language.iso en_US en_US
dc.publisher Cornell University Library en_US
dc.subject High Energy Physics en_US
dc.subject Phenomenology (hep-ph) en_US
dc.title Constraints on a seesaw model leading to quasi-degenerate neutrinos and signatures at the LHC en_US
dc.type Preprint en_US

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