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  • Chilka, Pallavi; Phillips, Sarah; Datta, Bhaskar (Science Direct, 2015-08)
    Enzyme-mediated polymerization reactions have been widely studied in the context of DNA template-assisted reactions. We have recently highlighted the ability of DNA templates to modulate enzyme-catalyzed single-step ...
  • Chilka, Pallavi; Patlolla, Prathap Reddy; Prathap; Datta, Bhaskar (Royal Society of Chemistry, 2016-09)
    A novel dimeric carbocyanine dye is found to recognise G-quadruplex structures selectively compared to mixed sequence or double-stranded DNA molecules. The dye exhibits a preference for G3-bearing parallel quadruplexes and ...
  • Chilka, Pallavi; Desai, Nakshi; Datta, Bhaskar (2019-01)
    G-quadruplexes have gained prominence over the past two decades for their role in gene regulation, control of anti-tumour activity and ageing. The physiological relevance and significance of these non-canonical structures ...

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