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  • Gupta, Iti; Kesavan, Praseetha E. (Frontiers Media, 2019-11)
  • Kesavan, Praseetha E.; Behera, Raghu Nath; Mori, Shigeki; Gupta, Iti (Springer, 2017-11)
    Carbazole and p-anisyl substituted BODIPY dyes with a cyanoacetic acid anchoring group have been prepared and their spectral, electrochemical properties and photosensitizing potential in DSSC have been evaluated. X-ray ...
  • Gupta, Iti; Kesavan, Praseetha E. (Royal Society of Chemistry, 2014-06)
    meso-Substituted BODIPY with N-butylcarbazole (1) was prepared and derivatized. Dibromo BODIPY 2, α-formyl BODIPY 3 and β-formyl BODIPY 4 were synthesized. All compounds were characterized by HRMS, NMR, UV-vis absorption, ...
  • Sakashita, Ryuichi; Oka, Yasutaka; Akimaru, Hisanori; Kesavan, Praseetha E.; Ishida, Masatoshi; Toganoh, Motoki; Ishizuka, Tomoya; Mori, Shigeki; Furuta, Hiroyuki (ACS Publication, 2017-08)
    Pyridylethenyl-substituted N-confused porphyrins (NCPs) were synthesized, and their cis–trans isomerization was studied. Among four possible isomers, trans-3H and cis-2H types of structures, of which aromaticity and ...
  • Kesavan, Praseetha E.; Pandey, Vijayalakshmi; Raza, Md Kausar; Mori, Shigeki; Gupta, Iti (Elsevier, 2019-07)
    The facile synthesis of water-soluble mitochondria targeting thioglycosylated BODIPYs is reported. Thioglycosylated BODIPYs were synthesized in 25�26% yields via thioglycosylated dipyrromethanes in four steps. The ...

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