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  • Li, Dan; Kumari, Beena; Makabenta, Jessa Marie; Tao, Bailong; Qian, Kun; Mei, Xifan; Rotello, Vincent M. (Royal Society of Chemistry, 2020-09)
    Infections from antibiotic-resistant bacteria have caused huge economic loss and numerous deaths over the past decades. Researchers are exploring multiple strategies to combat these bacterial infections. Metal nanomaterials ...
  • Li, Dan; Kumari, Beena; Makabenta, Jessa Marie; Gupta, Akash; Rotello (Royal Society of Chemistry, 2019-11)
    Antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections cause more than 700 000 deaths each year worldwide. Detection of bacteria is critical in limiting infection-based damage. Nanomaterials provide promising sensing platforms owing ...
  • Li, Dan; Kumari, Beena; Zhang, Xianzhi; Wang, Cuiping; Mei, Xifan; Rotello, Vincent M. (Elsevier, 2020-02)
    Metal nanoclusters (NCs) are ultra-small nanoparticles intermediate in size between small molecule complexes and nanoparticles. NCs with tunable surface functionality feature unique physical and chemical properties, however ...
  • Zhuang, Pengfei; Zhang, Peng; Li, Kuo; Kumari, Beena; Li, Dan; Mei, Xifan (MDPI, 2019-07)
    Metal nanomaterials have been reported as effective absorbents for the removal of pollutants in the water system, but the release of ions from these nanomaterials brings another concern. Herein, silver nanoclusters (AgNCs) ...

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