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  • Lawhatre, Prashant; Shiraguppi, Bharatesh R.; Sharma, Esha; Miyapuram, Krishna Prasad; Lomas, Derek (Cornell University Library, 2020-10)
    This research study aims to use machine learning methods to characterize the EEG response to music. Specifically, we investigate how resonance in the EEG response correlates with individual aesthetic enjoyment. Inspired ...
  • Ranjan, Prakash; Miyapuram, Krishna P. (Cornell University Library, 2020-07)
  • Arun, Ishita; Lazar, Leslee (Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, 2021-02)
    The influence of language on perceptual processes, referred to as the Whorfian hypothesis, has been a contentious issue. Cross-linguistic research and lab-based experiments have shown that verbal labels can facilitate ...

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