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  • Gupta, Manoj; Singh, Aditi (Cornell University Library, 2018-05)
    Given an undirected unweighted graph G and a source set S of |S|=? sources, we want to build a data structure which can process the following query {\sc Q}(s,t,e): find the shortest distance from s to t avoiding an edge ...
  • Das, Bireswar; Enduri, Murali Krishna; Reddy, I. Vinod (Springer, 2015-02)
    We give a deterministic logspace algorithm for the graph isomorphism problem for graphs with bounded tree-depth. We also show that the graph isomorphism problem is fixed parameter tractable for a related parameterized graph ...
  • Jindal, Anant; Kochar, Gazal; Pal, Manjish (arXiv, Cornell University Library, 2011-07)
    In this paper we study the classic problem of computing a maximum cardinality matching in general graphs G=(V,E). The best known algorithm for this problem till date runs in O(mn√) time due to Micali and Vazirani \cite{MV80}. ...
  • Chierichetti, Flavio; Dasgupta, Anirban; Kumar, Ravi (Cornell University Library, 2020-10)
  • Vaish, Rohit; Misra, Neeldhara; Agarwal, Shivani; Blum, Avrim (AAMAS, 2016-05-09)
    Standard voting rules usually assume that the preferences of voters are provided in the form of complete rankings over a xed set of alternatives. This assumption does not hold in applications like recommendation ...
  • Das, Bireswar; Toran, Jacobo; Wagner, Fabian (Elsevier, 2012-08)
    The Graph Isomorphism problem restricted to graphs of bounded treewidth or bounded tree distance width are known to be solvable in polynomial time. We give restricted space algorithms for these problems proving the following ...

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