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  • Jain, Harshil; Patil, Rohit; Mastan, Indra Deep; Raman, Shanmuganathan (Cornell University Library, 2020-11)
    Blind motion deblurring involves reconstructing a sharp image from an observation that is blurry. It is a problem that is ill-posed and lies in the categories of image restoration problems. The training data-based methods ...
  • Jain, Harshil; Agarwal, Akshat; Shridhar, Kumar; Kleyko, Denis (Cornell University Library, 2020-10)
    Deep neural networks have demonstrated their superior performance in almost every Natural Language Processing task, however, their increasing complexity raises concerns. In particular, these networks require high expenses ...
  • Kumar, Shridhar; Jain, Harshil; Agarwal, Akshat; Kleyko, Denis (2020-11-20)
  • Jain, Harshil; Patil, Rohit; Jethva, Utsav; Kaoshik, Ronak; Agarawal, Shaurya; Dutta, Ritik; Batra, Nipun (2021-01-02)

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