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  • Das, Bireswar; Pal, Manjish; Visavaliya, Vijay (arXiv, Cornell University Library, 2011-10)
    In this paper, we prove that most of the boolean functions, f : {−1, 1} n → {−1, 1}satisfy the Fourier Entropy Influence (FEI) Conjecture due to Friedgut and Kalai(Proc. AMS’96)[1]. The conjecture says that the Entropy of ...
  • Jindal, Anant; Kochar, Gazal; Pal, Manjish (arXiv, Cornell University Library, 2011-07)
    In this paper we study the classic problem of computing a maximum cardinality matching in general graphs G=(V,E). The best known algorithm for this problem till date runs in O(mn√) time due to Micali and Vazirani \cite{MV80}. ...

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