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  • Das, Bireswar; Enduri, Murali Krishna; Reddy, I. Vinod (Springer, 2015-02)
    We give a deterministic logspace algorithm for the graph isomorphism problem for graphs with bounded tree-depth. We also show that the graph isomorphism problem is fixed parameter tractable for a related parameterized graph ...
  • Das, Bireswar; Enduri, Murali Krishna; Misra, Neeldhara; Vinod Reddy, I. (Springer International Publishing, 2017)
    Structural parameterizations for hard problems have proven to be a promising venture for discovering scenarios where the problem is tractable. In particular, when a problem is already known to be polynomially solvable for ...
  • Das, Bireswar; Enduri, Murali Krishna; Reddy, I. Vinod (Springer, 2016-07)
    The clique-width is a measure of complexity of decomposing graphs into certain tree-like structures. The class of graphs with bounded clique-width contains bounded tree-width graphs. We give a polynomial time graph isomorphism ...
  • Das, Bireswar (Springer, 2014)
    It is well known that problems encoded with circuits or formulas generally gain an exponential complexity blow-up compared to their original complexity. We introduce a new way for encoding graph problems, based on CNF or ...

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