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  • Pandey, Pradumn Kumar; Singh, Mayank (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2020-10)
    Complex systems have been successfully modeled as networks exhibiting the varying extent of randomness and nonrandomness. Network scientists contemplate randomness as one of the most desirable characteristics for real ...
  • Agrawal, Akanksha; Aravind, N.R.; Kalyanasundaram, Subrahmanyam; Kare, Anjeneya Swami; Lauri, Juho; Misra, Neeldhara; Reddy, I. Vinod (Elsevier, 2020-10)
  • Das, Bireswar; Sharma, Shivdutt (Springer, 2020-10)
    The isomorphism problem for groups, when the groups are given by their Cayley tables is a well-studied problem. This problem has been studied for various restricted classes of groups. Kavitha gave a linear time isomorphism ...

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