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  • Cormode, Graham; Dasgupta, Anirban; Goyal, Amit; Lee, Chi Hoon (Public Library of Science, 2018-01)
    Many modern applications of AI such as web search, mobile browsing, image processing, and natural language processing rely on finding similar items from a large database of complex objects. Due to the very large scale of ...
  • Sheth, Kshiteej; Garg, Dinesh; Dasgupta, Anirban (Springer, 2019-03)
    Near isometric orthogonal embeddings to lower dimensions are a fundamental tool in data science and machine learning. In this paper, we present the construction of such embeddings that minimizes the maximum distortion for ...
  • Das, Bireswar; Dasgupta, Anirban; Enduri, Murali Krishna; Reddy, Vinod.I (Elsevier, 2018-11)
    In this paper, we show that for a fixed k, there is an NC algorithm that separates the graphs of rank-width at most k from those with rank-width at least
  • Dasgupta, Anirban; Sengupta, Srijan (Springer Nature, 2021-06)
    Infectious or contagious diseases can be transmitted from one person to another through social contact networks. In today’s interconnected global society, such contagion processes can cause global public health hazards, ...

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