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  • Bader, Kenneth B.; Wallach, Emily L.; Shekhar, Himanshu; Flores-Guzman, Fernando, Halpern, Howard J.; Hernandez, Sonia L. (IOP Publishing, 2021-08)
    Mechanical ablation with the focused ultrasound therapy histotripsy relies on the generation and action of bubble clouds. Despite its critical role for ablation, quantitative metrics of bubble activity to gauge treatment ...
  • Wallach, Emily L.; Shekhar, Himanshu; Flores-Guzman, Fernando; Hernandez, Sonia L.; Bader, Kenneth B. (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2022-02)
    Histotripsyis a focusedultrasoundtherapy for tissue ablation via the generation of bubble clouds. These effects can be achieved noninvasively,making sensitive and specific bubble imaging essential for histotripsy guidance. ...

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