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  • Surana, Neelam; Mekie, Joycee (IEEE, 2018-09)
    Image processing and other multimedia applications require large embedded storage. In some of the earlier works approximate memory has been shown as a potential energy-efficient solution for such error-tolerant applications. ...
  • Bharti, Pramod Kumar; Surana, Neelam; Mekie, Joycee (Institution of Engineering and Technology, 2019-11)
    Wide-spread availability of high-speed INTERNET and rapid increase of smart-phone users have significantly increased online video surfing. Video decoders like H.264/H.265/MPEG consume a significant amount of power in Static ...
  • Ved, Sneha N.; Singh, Sarabjeet; Mekie, Joycee (ACM(Association for Computing Machinery), 2019-01)
    Communication between different IP cores in MPSoCs and HMPs often results in clock domain crossing. Asynchronous network on chip (NoC) support communication in such heterogeneous set-ups. While there are a large number of ...
  • Aketi, Sai Aparna; Gupta, Smriti; Cheng, Huimei; Mekie, Joycee; Beerel, Peter A. (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2020-05)
    The risk of soft errors due to radiation continues to be a significant challenge for engineers trying to build systems that can handle harsh environments. Building systems that are Radiation Hardened by Design (RHBD) is ...

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