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  • Biswas, Ayon; McIver, Jess; Mahabal, Ashish (Cornell University Library, 2019-10)
    A network of three or more gravitational wave detectors simultaneously taking data is required to generate a well-localized sky map for gravitational wave sources, such as GW170817. Local seismic disturbances often cause ...
  • Rajpura, Param; Hegde, Ravi S.; Bojinov, Hristo (Cornell University Library, 2017-06)
  • Aketi, Sai Aparna; Gupta, Smriti; Cheng, Huimei; Mekie, Joycee; Beerel, Peter A. (Cornell University Library, 2020-01)
  • Joshi, Sharad; Khanna, Nitin (Cornell University Library, 2018-06)
    The knowledge of source printer can help in printed text document authentication, copyright ownership, and provide important clues about the author of a fraudulent document along with his/her potential means and motives. ...
  • Nagar, Rajendra; Raman, Shanmuganathan (Cornell University Library, 2018-05)
    Over-segmentation of an image into superpixels has become a useful tool for solving various problems in image processing and computer vision. Reflection symmetry is quite prevalent in both natural and man-made objects and ...
  • Joshi, Kedar; Gupta, Naman; Katdare, Pulkit; Kadam, Sudin; Banavar, Ravi (Cornell University Library, 2017-03)
    Locomotion at low Reynolds numbers is a topic of growing interest, spurred by its various engineering and medical applications. This paper presents a novel prototype and locomotion algorithm for the 3-link planar Purcell's ...
  • Raman, Shanmuganathan; Pachori, Shubham (Cornell University Library, 2016-10)
    This paper provides a framework to hash images containing instances of unknown object classes. In many object recognition problems, we might have access to huge amount of data. It may so happen that even this huge data ...

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