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  • Gohil, Varun; Walia, Sumit; Mekie, Joycee; Awasthi, Manu (Cornell University Library, 2021-04)
    Today, almost all computer systems use IEEE-754 floating point to represent real numbers. Recently, posit was proposed as an alternative to IEEE-754 floating point as it has better accuracy and a larger dynamic range. The ...
  • Singh, Sarabjeet; Surana, Neelam; Jain, Pranjali; Mekie, Joycee; Awasthi, Manu (Cornell University Library, 2021-10)
    In this paper, we propose a 'full-stack' solution to designing high capacity and low latency on-chip cache hierarchies by starting at the circuit level of the hardware design stack. First, we propose a novel Gain Cell (GC) ...
  • Jha, Chandan Kumar; Singh, Shreyas; Thakker, Riddhi; Awasthi, Manu; Mekie, Joycee (Cornell University, 2021-05)
    In this paper, we propose Zero Aware Configurable Data Encoding by Skipping Transfer (ZAC-DEST), a data encoding scheme to reduce the energy consumption of DRAM channels, specifically targeted towards approximate computing ...

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