Analysis of reference and citation copying in evolving bibliographic networks

Show simple item record Pandey, Pradumn Kumar Singh, Mayank Goyal, Pawan Mukherjee, Animesh Chakrabarti, Soumen 2020-02-22T06:10:44Z 2020-02-22T06:10:44Z 2019-12
dc.identifier.citation Pandey, Pradumn Kumar; Singh, Mayank; Goyal, Pawan; Mukherjee, Animesh and Chakrabarti, Soumen, "Analysis of reference and citation copying in evolving bibliographic networks", arXiv, Cornell University Library, DOI: arXiv:1912.11894, Dec. 2019. en_US
dc.description.abstract Extensive literature demonstrates how the copying of references (links) canlead to the emergence of various structural properties (e.g., power-law degreedistribution and bipartite cores) in bibliographic and other similar directednetworks. However, it is also well known that the copying process is incapableof mimicking the number of directed triangles in such networks; neither doesit have the power to explain the obsolescence of older papers. In this paper,we proposeRefOrCite, a new model that allows for copying of both thereferences from (i.e., out-neighbors of) as well as the citations to (i.e., in-neighbors of) an existing node. In contrast, the standard copying model (CP)only copies references. While retaining its spirit,RefOrCitediffers fromthe Forest Fire (FF) model in ways that makesRefOrCiteamenable tomean-field analysis for degree distribution, triangle count, and densification.Empirically,RefOrCitegives the best overall agreement with observeddegree distribution, triangle count, diameter, h-index, and the growth ofcitations to newer papers.
dc.description.statementofresponsibility by Pradumn Kumar Pandey, Mayank Singh, Pawan Goyal, Animesh Mukherjee and Soumen Chakrabarti
dc.language.iso en_US en_US
dc.publisher Cornell University Library en_US
dc.subject Citation network en_US
dc.subject Preferential attachment en_US
dc.subject Growth models en_US
dc.title Analysis of reference and citation copying in evolving bibliographic networks en_US
dc.type Pre-Print en_US
dc.relation.journal arXiv

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