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  • Mishra, Rohit Kumar; Sahoo, Suman Kumar (Cornell University Library, 2022-03)
    In this article, we work with a generalized Saint Venant operator introduced by Vladimir Sharafutdinov to describe the kernel of the integral moment transforms over symmetric m-tensor fields in n-dimensional Euclidean ...
  • Saha, Kamalesh; Sengupta, Indranath (Cornell University Library, 2022-03)
    The study of the edge ideal I(DG) of a weighted oriented graph DG with underlying graph G started in the context of Reed-Muller type codes. We generalize a Cohen-Macaulay construction for I(DG), which Villarreal gave for ...
  • Saha, Kamalesh; Sengupta, Indranath (Cornell University Library, 2022-03)
    For a graph G, Bolognini et al. have shown JG is strongly unmixed ? JG is Cohen-Macaulay ? G is accessible, where JG denotes the binomial edge ideals of G. Accessible and strongly unmixed properties are purely combinatorial. ...
  • Mishra, Rohit Kumar; Monard, Francois; Zou, Yuzhou (Cornell University Library, 2022-03)
    We study various self-adjoint realizations of the X-ray transform on the Euclidean disk D, obtained by considering specific singularly weighted L2 topologies. We first recover the well-known Singular Value Decompositions ...

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